Monday, December 21, 2009

Casual Creature: Casual Coconut Carrying Octopus

When a Casual being envisions the meaning of the word Casual, an octopus is hardly what comes to mind. It is quite popular to assume that an Octopus doesn't have the ability to live a life of leisure, but this assumption is debatable. The Casual Octopus has 8 useful limbs, allowing it to accomplish tasks that the regular Casualteer would deem impossible...
For instance...

The Casual Octopus can sip up to 8 mojitos simultaneously.
The Casual Octopus can dip 8 cookies in milk at once.

The Casual Octopus can play casually complex vintage synthesizers with a great deal of ease.
The Casual Octopus can hold 8 balloons at once, allowing it to casually glide.

The Casual Octopus can dip 8 Casual chips into Casual guacamole.
And most importantly...
The Casual Octopus can carry a Casual Coconut...
All Hail the Casual Coconut Carrying Octopus!

Stay Casual...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Casual Cool: Planning

There was once a time when it was widely believed there was nothing less casual than planning in your life. Going with the flow and couch surfing through your weekend hoping to catch the epic wave of good times seemed to be the right thing to do. But as a great casual man once said, "Times, they are a changing".

It has recently come to my attention that planning in many aspects of life greatly increases your casual libido. Especially when those plans involve oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, boats, floats, ice cream cones, turtle rides, sack lunches, intermediate snacking, and good friends. Live and love and plan on it. There's not much else to it.

Planning expedites your obligatory work load, leading to enjoyable productive days, and making for more efficient use of leisure time (guilt free i might add). Planning efficient use of your time now simultaneously enhances the chance of casual times later. It's pretty much a guarantee of goodness. Plans make things happen. Good things.

All plans are subject to change including late departures and arrivals as well as full fledged cancellations. Change of plans are always acceptable and no party should be held accountable for such. Accountability is not casual in this case nor are the grudges that persist following a hold of accountability towards any singular party or parties. To plan on not planning nullifies the planning process and all plans are therefor void. Do, however, plan on making other plans if it be that the original plan, by nature of its sloppy planning, fails to materialize into a real plan. Do not intentionally make plans that are not meant to be fulfilled, for these plans are not really plans and do not fall withing the qualifications of successful planning. What was once a plan, is not always a plan and may never be a plan until planned again. All plans are eligible for re-planning. Plans are not to be confused with planes, though plans on planes and any plans including flight are good plans but should be made well in advance. Plans exists in plants, who follow natures plan, which happens to be the best plan of all. I plan you plan, we all plan for plans. After all, we do live on a planet, but we are not sure it was planned that way.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Casual Snacking: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ah yes the Original Ice Cream Sandwich , A casual must!

Today I'm writing on the original, not the cookie based ice cream sandwich.

In the United States, an ice cream sandwich is a slice of ice cream, commonly vanilla although other flavors are often used, sandwiched between two rectangular wafers, usually chocolate.

Now these call back to everyones childhood where you would hear that magical ring of the ice cream truck roaring down the street, your ears perk up from playing NBA Jam and you run to your mother get a dollar and tear out the front door in hopes that this magical truck that only serves sweets has not left your street yet.

Some people like the frozen pops and those have there place in the world but I was a classy young lad and as far as i'm concerned the ice cream sandwich is the most classy of items you can buy from the truck. You can go original vanilla or if you are feeling a bit picky you can go neapolitan and get 3 awesome flavors combined into one tasty treat.

Now as you unwrap the wrapper some people might complain that the sandwich is messy cause the chocolate wafer tends to stick to ones fingers but do not be mistaken by rookies telling you this is a bad thing, its actually a blessing in disguise as when the wafer sticks to your fingers its actually making your fingers into tiny lil brownies as a bonus its like the dessert after the dessert.

One might ponder what type of Ice Cream sandwich the Snowbear eats?
Well the answer is the type that has a Snowbear on box!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Casual Seating: Hammocks

Hammocks are one of the most casual ways to enjoy yourself while laying down.

Hammocks were developed by native inhabitants of tropical regions for sleeping. Later, they were used aboard ships by sailors to enable comfort and maximize available space, and by explorers or soldiers traveling in jungle regions. Today they are popular around the world for relaxation; they are also used as a lightweight bed on camping trips. The hammock is often seen as symbol of summer, leisure, relaxation and simple, easy living.

Hammocks are very casual as you can place them between two points where ever you are they are available in all sizes and weights so you can take a travel hammock with you in your adventures in wooded , tropical or urban areas. But you must be somewhat ok with balance you dont want to pull a rookie move and fall off of your hammock mid siesta.

Everyone likes hammocks so much that we are striving as a human race to find new ways to make everything a bit more casual and relaxed.

I personally rest my casual fruits i.e: The Banana the most casual fruit of them all in hammocks as I see this is the only way to display them in my kitchen.

Now a casual person is not greedy, they are mindful of there companions and should also provide a hammock for the casual creature as these lovely animals love hanging around as much as we do.

From the Casual Cat

To the Sleepy Bear

To the leisurely Chimp

We all enjoy hanging out and having a nice nap in our hammocks buy one place it in the shade have a beverage with a bendy straw and take in the view.

Stay casual my friends

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Casual Science: Bubbles

Yes that's right I said it..

Bubbles: A thin, usually spherical or hemispherical film of liquid filled with air or gas.
Bubbles come in many forms for alot of different uses and enjoyment.

Bubble Liquid
The First bubble you come across usually is coming from the use of this magical solution.

This stuff was created purely for the enjoyment of blowing bubbles, There are so many people trying to blow bubbles to see them float in the wind that companies are manufacturing this stuff around the world for peoples amusement. I don't think there is one casual soul who has not blown a few bubbles in there day.

Soap Bubbles:
We love bubbles so much we wash not only our dishes and maybe blow a bubble or two in the kitchen..

That we totally love to bathe and just chill in the tub with bubbles while we relax after a hard days work.

Spa bubbles:

Now not all bubbles have to be soapy some can just be made with air & water in the last 50 years or so we have created devices known as hot tubs/jacuzzi/whirlpools not for washing but purely for sitting and enjoying bubbles in water. Want to have a nice evening? Invite some friends and have some beers and chill in the bubbles.

Carbonation Bubbles:

We love bubbles so much we created drinks that simply just bubble for long periods of time. Some are just sodas or juices but for special occasions people always want to "pop the bubbly" and enjoy such delights as a glass of champagne.

Travel Bubbles:

Yes you can even technically travel in a bubble though I would not suggest this as a priority as it makes you dizzy try some other casual travel tips such as the Escalator or Hot Air Balloon.

Bubble Boy:

Yes some people have even been depicted in movies from living in bubbles , Bubbles are a safe place to be and live if you really wish to.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Casual Travel: Hobo Time Machines....

Time Travel is West Coast Casual when you have a box and some tin foil...

Stay Casual...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Casual Controversy: Pet Costumes

Hello casual companions. I hope this monday evening finds you in a hot tub, naked, beverage in hand. If not, you should work on that...Now to the matter at hand.
Halloween is just around the corner and while we all love dressing up like rambunctious midgets looking for eggs on Easter, I must do the good lord's work and ask that you all refrain from the urge to dress your unwilling pets in horribly uncomfortable and utterly disgraceful pet garb.
Lets be clear. Animals should NEVER wear clothes. If they are mammals, they already have coats on all the time. You are not doing them a service. And if your dressing your fish in a wetsuit equipt with snorkle, well then that's pretty epic and I'll let it slide just this once. Aside from that, the only garments ever to be adorned by animals are sun glasses, and only with inter-species consent. Why on earth would you have the bright idea of dressing up your cat or dog as another animal, let alone a person? A dog is a dog, will always be a dog and will never be a frog. Give up the dream.
Now, it should go without saying, but there seems to be a number of psychotic women who just don't get it; treating their tiny dogs like little slave children: DON'T EVER PUT A PET IN A STROLLER!! This is the most depressing and idiotic, not mention highly uncasual thing a human can do to an animal. Miniature zoos on wheels, ugh. Wheeling your dog around like a helpless baby does not qualify as WALKING it!! They have legs for a reason and they like to excersise them. If you really need control, use the leash for god sake. I hate to break it to you, but your dog HATES you. It spends all day wishing it had opposable thumbs so that it could unbuckle its seatbelt, pick up a knife and stab you through your sick little heart. If you do this (pet strolling), or even think about doing this, you will spend eternity in your own personal hell which consists of you strapped tightly in a small stroller, being pushed around in the 90 degree heat by a giant dog with sunglasses, while humungous cats in suits and top hats stop on the street to stare and pinch your cheeks. You sick fucks. Get a life. It's not the dogs fault your kids don't love you. Maybe you shouldn't have tortured them either. Get a gold fish and get him some scuba gear stat.
I know violence is not casual, but its for the pets. C'mon.

Baby kitties keep it casual.
PETA does not. To hell with them too.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Casual Lighting: Tiki Torch

The Tiki Torch is a bamboo torch, common in the casual tiki culture.

So you are walking through your backyard in your house robe and drinking a mojito at dawn thinking how can I improve my already highly casual living situation and then the thought occurs as you walk by the fence and cause your neighbors uncasual motion sensor light to go off. Aha ! you think to yourself I need proper lighting back here and ones first thought of casual lighting in the backyard or deck is the Tiki Torch. Ya you could go and buy malibu lights but those are a bad choice cause they use energy and you dont live in malibu and the lights dont give off the ambient environment you were looking to achieve with a real flame.

So go out to your local home depot or Osh and grab a half dozen torches and place them around the backyard and you will quickly feel like you are in a more casual setting. If you live in a area that might have a problem like mosquito's well look no further some tiki torches have a anti-uncasual bug element mixed in with the fuel so your casual evening will not be ruined by having bugs bite you or try and sip the fresh sugar cane juice from your mojito.

The fascination with tiki torches have been around the united states for quite some time and have kept up in pop culture even now in present times where we have entire shows that end with epic tiki trial by fire endings like survivor where your time on the island has been cut off by a show of putting your tiki torch out.

Sorry sucker your off the casual island.

Speaking of islands I think there is no other proper way to bring light into the darkness of the tropical jungles like a good ol tiki torch shit even Jon Locke hunts boars and explores old tunnels and hatches with one.

So go out grab some torches and improve the quality in your casual lighting department at your house then throw a party.

But please be careful and do not attempt to blend a Tiki Torch it is not safe or casual.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Casual Prose: Haiku

October seems to be the month of poetry here at the WCCC. Its only fitting we give tribute to our eastern casual goers with a series of haiku; probably the most casual form of prose ever written:

This is a haiku
It is a casual thing
Time to drink a beer

Leisure clique say hi
Everyone is casual
Spread the love around

California Sun
It makes our lives so awesome
How we love it so

I must say goodbye
Please go write a haiku now
Then post it on here

Casual Soundtrack: Autumnal Astronaut

Autumnal Astronaut

The Casual Autumnal Astronaut Floats
Wandering Through Space, Looking For Hope

The Seasons Are Changing, The Flowers Soon Sleep
The Astronaut Swims, Into The Deep
The Rain Is Approaching, Say Goodnight To The Sun
The Brain Is Now Soaking, The Colors Soon Run
Greens And Yellows, To Reds And Grays
Seems So Mellow, In Bed He Lays
Dreaming Of Snow, Or Sun Perhaps
Autumn Is Upon Us, Let's Make It Last

The Autumnal Astronaut Mix...

Mute City Theme - F-Zero
Mirrors - Dam Funk
Requiem Pour Un Con - Serge Gainsbourg
Friends - Whodini
Lujon - Henry Mancini
Tangerine - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
Creeping Danger - Nino Nardini & Roger Roger
India - Roxy Music
Khidja - Mandrill
Comin' At Ya - Pyramid Plus
Ready Or Not - Goodie
Feel It (U-Tern Edit) - Leonard Seeley's Heritage
Party Lights - First Love
Super Duper Lovin' - Masurrati
Daybreak - Paul Hardcastle & First Light
Mysterious Waves (Celestial Mix) - Kosmic Light Force
Atmosphere Strut (Original 12" Mix) - Cloud One
Yakermo Sew (A Man of Experience and Wisdom) - Mulatu Astatke
Computer Bagel (Instrumental) - Lambo
Computer Bagel (Capski's Broken Computer Remix) - Lambo
Want You Back - Nite Jewel
Fantasy - xx
By The Sea - Wendy & Bonnie
Disgust - Fat Jon
Failing Light - Brian Eno & Harold Budd

Stay Casual...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Casual Prose: O Thee Casual Turtle

Oh thee glorious casual turtle
Creature of the shell
Morning come and night doth fall
Still in your home you dwell.

You never have to run and hide
Nor scurry home to sleep
You only pull your head inside
And tuck your tiny feet.

Once I had you as a pet
And oh, the fun we had
Lazing in the shade all day
You never made me sad

Until one day I turned my back
You scurried out the door
You wished to be a turtle free
What can I blame you for.

I sat and thought about your life
I hoped that you were well
So free and clear of any strife
Protected in your shell.

But one day turtle, you appeared!
For in my yard you stayed!
You hung around for many years!
Oh glorious casual days!

Based on true events that took place in the summer of '93.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Casual Creature: The Snail...

Oh Casual Snail...
We love you so...
We don't mind how slow you go...
Oh Casual Snail...
You love the rain...
Oozing around the casual drain...
Oh Casual Snail...
You calmly roam...
Carrying around your comfy home...
Oh Casual Snail...
You love to eat leaves...
Sometimes algae in the seas...
Oh Casual Snail...
They might pick on you...
But they just wish they were casual too...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Casual Snacking: Cookies and Milk

Let me start by saying that snacking (known to cows and other land mammals as grazing) is a widespread casual pandemic, however it has yet to recieve serious attention from the West Coast Casual Coalition. There is no more denying it. Snacking is now so rampant and leisurely an activity, even the seasoned snacker often forgets they've even done it all day long. Lost in the belly never to be remembered amidst the mighty meals you've consumed. Snacking has been know to lead to serious naps and sometimes full blown sleep, not to mention large pillow like bellies that other snackers can nap on.

Snack Cakes.

Typically it goes something like this: So you got hungry after lunch, and before dinner you munched some string cheese, a slice of pumpkin pie and a Dorito chip (cooler ranch of course). When your mother calls you that night to check that you haven't gotten festively plump during the holidays and asks you what you ate that day, you tell her about the scrumptious cheeseburger you ate for breakfast, the grande festive burrito you ate for lunch, and the whole leg of lamb and head of cabbage you ate for dinner, completely neglecting your mid day snack intake of pie, Dorito chip and such. You sure as hell didn't tell her about those cookies and milk you ate before bed.

Tub Scouts.

Today we highlight the intrepid cookie and milk combo. It is glorious in its nature. Some may say that milk came before the cookie but they are wrong. Cows love cookies too and they made milk especially for them. To have one without the other, expecially after 8pm is just a dirty shame. In the AM hours cookies can be supplimented with cereal. We recommend the cookie/cereal creation known as Cooookie Crisps. Anyways, get some cookies. Get some milk, and make sure its 2% or over. Skim milk will not suffice for this exercise as it is merely white water disguised as milk. Dipping is essential. In fact it is less of a dip and more of a soak. You must time your soak perfectly as to not let the cookie get so overly soggy that it leaves cookie remnants in your milk. That is poor form and will not be tolerated. If you do this right, you will be rewarded greatly by both taste and texture. If you don't believe me, ask a monster. Apparently they really like cookies. Though i'm not sure they have time to dip them in milk, for they are so madly in love with cookies they seem to shove handfuls of cookies straight into the mouth. Doesn't matter what kind. I do not recommend this.

I strongly suggest the use of Oreo Cookies along with whole milk. Snickerdoodles, Oatmeal Raisin, and of course Chocolate Chip and also highly recommended.

Incognito cookies keep it casual

A Casual Beverage: The Capri Sun

In the early years as a young boy growing up in the 818 chapter, my mom would pack me a sack lunch and i learned about the Capri Sun, one of the most casual of beverages to give you the refreshing taste you need all in just a little silver pouch. These casual pouches come in a variety of tropical flavors to quench your thirst. With 100% wholesome natural fruit flavor its no wonder the capri sun is the most casual of juices. Worstin's flavor of choice is the pacific cooler, it represents the pacific which is the most casual of all the oceans and combines a mixed fruit juice taste. The Capri sun is a must in any sack lunch, its easy and on the go, just take the straw and pop it in and your good to go.

Casual Gone Wrong: Plastic "Clamshell" Packaging

Plastic "clamshell" packaging is the worst as we all know. Who ever the asshole is who created this non casual packaging should be arrested and shipped off to some shitty place where he/she has to try to open packages like these with his/her bare hands for the rest of there life.
I could be suffering from wrap rage. In fact, the term "wrap rage" was coined because so many people are losing there casual cool because of the anger and frustration that inevitably arises when trying to pry the ubiquitous packaging open.

Thousands of people end up in emergency rooms each year with lacerations and puncture wounds from battling with the nearly impossible-to-open packaging. Many more get minor wounds from using sharp objects to open packages, according to American Medical News.

Here at the WCCC we do not encourage you to try to open these packages but if you must we offer this slight piece of knowledge. The ordinary can opener sitting in your kitchen drawer will open this package casually and more safe then a knife,screwdriver or whatever you are using.

Stay Casual Stay Safe.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

West Coast Casual Baller: Ron Artest

Now he may be from the East Coast...And brawls aren't casual...

But Ron Artest brings humor and fun back to sports...

Welcome to Los Angeles Ron Artest. Hit the beach, sing your heart out, fight whoever you please...
While I may be a lifelong Knicks fan (not a casual part of life), I welcome you to the Pacific Coast with an open Mojito Bar of free refills and a pet Sloth. Go get em Casual Ron...Go Get Em...

Stay Casual Hoopers...

Friday, September 25, 2009

West Coast Casual Rapper: Casual

Casual - Later On

Casual is West Coast Casual...

1994's Fear Itself is of significance to Owens' career. It is his only major label-marketed album and features various members of his crew, Hieroglyphics, on vocals and production. The album also features a prominent cameo from Bay Area rapper Saafir. The album follows a traditional format: its songs adhere to a verse-chorus-verse arrangement, and the up-tempo and slower tracks are contrasted against each other. The popularity of the album's second single, "I Didn't Mean To" exposed Owens to a wider audience. He released three follow-up albums after "Fear Itself", one of which ("He Think He Raw") was distributed by Sony-affiliated distributor Red Urban.[1] Owens is now a community activist. In 2006, he took on a role as Music Production and Media Arts Consultant at Youth Uprising [2]. Jonathan Owens currently holds a seat on the City of Oakland Board of Cultural Affairs. Owens is also CEO of Hiero Jeans.[3]

Casual - Me-O-Mi-O

Keep all three of your eyes Casual...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Casual Perks: Free Refills

The Free Refill

Its a lovely perk in the casual food & drink category. Some take this perk for granted until they are denied the option then break out into a non casual outrage. So settle down now here on the west coast we voice that there is no need to stress your casual self and turn into some sort of angry specimen.

From self serving Soda Fountains

To the occasional open bar

Free refills always in the end make everyone happy.